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Comprehensive ABA Services

Our comprehensive ABA services consist of 30-40 hours per week of intensive individualized treatment. All services are one-on-one with trained Registered Behavior Technicians who are under supervision of a clinical supervisor. Programs are home-based, pre-school based and/or daycare based and are tailored to each child’s needs. In some cases, treatment may be provided in a combination of home and community sessions.

The skills we work on throughout the day can vary greatly based on each child’s age and developmental needs. Your child’s daily schedule will likely include many of the following activities:

Breakfast, Snack, and Lunchtime with Peers

– Independent feeding
– New foods
– Waiting/sitting while eating
– Cleaning up after oneself

Potty Training

– Dressing
– Following routines
– Washing hands

Play Skills

– Matching/object identification
– Task completion
– Pretend Play
– Turn Taking

Group skills such as

– Attending/joint attention
– Sitting
– Following instructions
– Pre-Academics (colors, numbers, letter & object identification)
– Sing-a-long songs & gestures
– Communication


– Requesting
– Yes/No skills
– Social Skills
– Labeling
– Vocal imitation
– Answering questions

Cooperative/ Peer/ Sibling Play

– Social interaction with peers
– Gross motor skills
– Fine motor skills
– Turn-taking/sharing
– Communication skills

Leisure Skills

– Task completion during play with puzzles, shape sorters or books
– Sensory play
– Independent play

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