Hands On Personal Education

Focused ABA Services

Treatment for children who attend school is provided in the afternoon and is typically 10-15 hours per week. Services continue throughout the summer in this individualized one-on-one model. Our team works collaboratively with schools and other services in order to maximize learning opportunities and maintain consistency.

During after-school treatment we focus on generalizing skills to novel environments such as in the home or in community-based settings. Your child’s day may include some of the below activities and will vary based on age and developmental needs:

Social Skills

– Social interaction with peers and/or siblings
– Assertiveness
– Turn-taking and sharing
– Communication skills

Adaptive/ Leisure Skills

– Self-help skills such as chores, prepping meals, hygiene/self care
– Independent play skills
– Safety skills

Executive Functions:

– Following routines
– Planning & organizing
– Emotional coping skills

Example Activity

Example Skills Targeted

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