The Intake Process


The Intake Process

Our intake process will occur in the same environment where the therapy sessions will take place long term. This process may take several weeks to complete. The process consists of many different methods to determine why certain behaviors are occurring, what skills the client is already capable of, and what areas we can focus on when teaching new skills. Here is an explanation of the steps.

Insurance Benefits Coordination

A H.O.P.E. representative will identify your insurance plan’s coverage for therapy services and notify you if there are any pre-authorization requirements.

Intake Insurance

In preparation for the assessment, a H.O.P.E. BCBA will schedule a video call with the parent(s)/caregiver to review basic health history information. Policies and procedures will also be reviewed at this time. Typically, this in an in-office meeting without the child present. Due to COVID-19, we are conducting this part of the intake process via telehealth. We prefer for parents to secure childcare for their child during this time so we may speak openly about your child without them present.


Our assessment process may take several weeks to complete. Assessments will take place in the clinic setting, length of time and specific assessments will vary per child. The goal during this phase of treatment is to complete the assessment, take baseline data and develop the individualized program for your child and family. Additionally, team members are introduced during this phase. The team members will focus on building rapport with your child and introducing programs while the BCBA observes, collects data, writes the report, and provides feedback. Once this phase of the assessment is complete, and the treatment goals have been determined, on-going direct therapy sessions will begin. The steps in the assessment process include the following:

Kickoff Meeting

The assessment team will schedule a meeting with your family to discuss the results of the behavior and Skills-based assessments. This meeting should take place 1-3 weeks after the last observation. This gives the BCBA time to analyze the results and formulate a treatment plan or behavior support plan, if needed.

Authorization for Services

After the kickoff meeting, the BCBA will finalize your child’s initial treatment plan. The initial treatment plan is a report that lists your child’s problem behaviors and areas for improvement. It also lists goals that the assessment team has determined would be appropriate to work on and their clinical recommendations for hours and treatment. This is the plan that is submitted to insurance for approval and/or authorization of services. You will receive a copy of this report once it is finalized.

Therapy Sessions

Consistency is important in order to accurately measure progress and outcomes. Programs are run and data are collected during therapy sessions. All data are monitored by the BCBA and modifications to the Treatment/Behavior plan will be made based on both data outcomes and child and family goals.

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