Our Model at H.O.P.E.

We understand that it takes a village, and dynamic teams are crucial to your child’s development. Clinic-based services offer collaborative support involving enhanced supervision with multiple on-site Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in a center environment.

Clinic-based ABA is an optimal setting for the generalization of skills in a less familiar environment. The center setting allows for practicing following instructions and classroom routines that help to increase the likelihood of successful transitions to school and other community environments.

The clinic provides opportunities to see your child in action and actively participate in their care. Clinic-based services are offered in conjunction with parent training with the goal of empowering you through caregiver coaching sessions to help your child reach their full potential.

Community supports and resources will be utilized and embedded within your child’s treatment plan.

There are many benefits to Clinic-Based Services:

  • Children are matched by age and level of functioning for socialization opportunities and peer play.
  • The structure of the day mirrors that of a classroom, teaching skills for school readiness, with routines and expectations that will be required once the child enters school full time.
  • The center offers a perfect setting for generalization, allowing children to use acquired skills in a new environment with various staff and peers.
  • Natural Environment Teaching (NET) is incorporated into the sessions by targeting preferred actions or activities and embedding goals into those opportunities.  Motivation is key!
  • Goals taught in a highly structured predicable environment where skills are acquired without distractions often occurring in the home.
  • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) are in the center, supervising, modeling and mentoring to maximize client progress.
  • Children have opportunities to engage with new toys and materials.

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