Clinic-Based Services

Our comprehensive ABA services consist of 30-40 hours per week of intensive individualized treatment. H.O.P.E. highly trained and skilled staff will provide skill acquisition services to children diagnosed with ASD across many developmental domains through a variety of opportunities including play skills, social interactions, promoting independence, practicing adaptive skills, and increasing communication.  

Our staff work hands-on in a 1:1 group setting with your child to create meaningful learning opportunities.  These are naturally occurring and embedded throughout the H.O.P.E. model within the center environment.  The key to their success with the H.O.P.E. model is growth and measured progress by utilizing the principles of ABA throughout their day with personalized goals, programming, and objectives.

Skills targeted throughout the day can vary greatly based on each child’s age and developmental needs.

Breakfast, Snack, and Lunchtime with Peers

– Independent feeding
– New foods
– Waiting and sitting at a table while eating
– Cleaning up after oneself

Toilet Training
– Dressing
– Following routines
– Washing hands
– Toilet training
Play Skills

– Matching/object identification
– Task completion
– Pretend play
– Independent play
– Sharing/Turn-taking

Group skills such as

– Attending and joint attention
– Sitting with peers
– Following instructions
– Pre-Academics (colors, numbers, letter & object identification)
– Sing-a-long songs & gestures
– Communication


– Expressive communication
– Engage in greetings
– Practice requesting
– Encourage verbal behavior
– Yes/No skills
– Social Skills
– Labeling
– Vocal imitation
– Answering questions

Cooperative Play

– Social interaction with peers
– Gross motor skills
– Fine motor skills
– Turn-taking/sharing
– Communication skills

Leisure Skills

– Task completion during play with puzzles, shape sorters or books
– Sensory play
– Independent play

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